Leadership – English

“People lead themselves and others at their level of consciousness” The more unconscious issues transform into constructive patterns, the better the subconscious and conscious mind will use their potential which includes leading skills too. It’s a huge difference if people lead others to compensate their ignored inner issues [...]


The power of sensitivity – English

We got various gifts inside each and everyone of us. A beautiful gift of sensitive people is their gift to sense things at a significant larger spectrum. At the same time, we all can cultivate sensitivity in our own way. Still, high sensitivity, feeling sensitively and expressing emotions [...]


Intuition – English

People often struggle for decisions, especially in parts of a rational performance driven world in which emotions and intuition can feel neglected. At the same time, learning to feel and getting in touch with intuition supports problem solving tremendously. So people often search for solutions outside, but forget [...]


Personal development – English

How wonderful it is you have always the opportunity to develop yourself, at any moment, no matter who, no matter when, no matter where. We can learn from every situation, every person, every place, every point-in-time. Sometimes it’s smooth to learn, sometimes it’s tough. Sometimes we feel the [...]


Healing animals – English

Animals are such impressive wonderful beings. They sense your charisma and aura and give an example of how to live in a present moment. Animals represent the beauty of trusting your intuition and instincts. They teach us love and support you healing your wounds as you can do [...]

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