Practice for Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis / Psychotherapy & Coaching in Munich

State accreditation to psychotherapy in accordance with German law (“Heilpraktikergesetz”)

Praxis für Hypnose, Hypnosetherapie, Coaching in München

Welcome | Practice for Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis in Munich

I’m glad to welcome you to my Practice for Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis / Psychotherapy and Coaching. I’d be glad supporting you regarding your request. I offer following services in my practice:

  • Hypnotherapy and hypnosis
  • Psychotherapy and coaching
  • Family therapy and couples therapy
  • Workshops and speeches

I support clients with various topics. For instance, I provide hypnosis for depression, exhaustion, anxiety and eating disorder. I also provide hypnosis therapy for traumatic experiences. Also, I offer hypnosis for pain and sleep disorder. At all, I support people having any general challenges regarding thoughts, behavior and emotions.

Even if your concern is not mentioned, please feel free to approach me. I’d be happy to consult you.

Hypnotherapy is a scientifically proven method in psychotherapy. Moreover, my work aims to empower you with competencies for your concern. I also focus on a safe space and a holistic procedure. Furthermore, my hypnosis considers your individual needs. The hypnosis is also imaginative, analytical and mindfulness-based. As a result, you can enable depth effects. In a first session, you can explain your request and your situation. Together, we can have a look at the expectations, goals, possibilities and the working plan. Of course, we can also talk about any questions left. For any further information, questions or bookings, please feel free to approach me. You can contact me by phone +49 89 2424 2512, cell phone +49 171 9207 329 or e-mail praxis@muenchen-hypnose-therapie.deIf you like, you can also read my english blog posts: Journal / Instagram / FacebookI’m looking forward hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,
Daniel Jordan

Selection of References

 Personal Development & Coaching (Employees / Leaders / Teams)

Leadership-Workshops including Top-Management

Speeches / Moderation / Counseling

International Experience

 Personal Development & Coaching (Employees / Leaders / Teams)

Supervision / Train-the-Trainer / Workshops

Speeches / Moderation / Counseling

International Experience

Counseling and Workshops for companies

Counseling and Workshops for companies

International Experience

Teaching in the name of several professors and departments

 Repeated voluntary work for children and youngsters in a children’s home in South Afrika

Workshops regarding test anxiety

Further references available on request.

Hypnose, Hypnosetherapie und Coaching in München
“I was always looking outside myself for strength and confidence but it comes from within. It is there all the time”
– Anna Freud

Sessions in the practice or via video call when necessary

Sessions for a Psychotherapy or a Coaching are usually conducted in the location of the practice in Munich. Nevertheless, there could be understandable reasons why you cannot attend an appointment in the location of the practice. To still support your treatment in such a case, you can also attend appointments via video calls without any additional costs. Please feel free to approach me, if you would like to receive further information.


Invoicing as a private service: A therapy as well as a coaching begins with a so called anamnesis, which is a first consultation to clarify all necessary information before conducting the first hypnotherapy session. So the second appointment would be the first hypnotherapy session. Invoicing is organized in session-units:

  • Session-units:
    • 45 minutes = 85 €
    • 60 minutes = 110 €
    • 75 minutes = 135 €
    • 90 minutes = 160 €
  • Anamnesis (first appointment) about 90 minutes = 169 €

Invoicing with insurances: Hypnotherapy is a science-approved and state-approved method in psychological therapy. Still, the statutory health insurance (public health insurance) does not cover the therapy costs. At the same time, private insurances could cover the costs of a therapy, but this depends on the specific contract with the insurance. Therefore, please clarify in advance if your private insurance is covering any costs. If the insurance does not cover any costs, then these costs will be paid as a private service by the client.

Support in the matter of specific financial circumstances: In the matter of state aid or similar financial circumstances, you can receive a financial support for a therapy / hypnosis. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your individual opportunities.

The Practice

You can find the practice in the middle of Munich. It is located in a quiet place. Disabled people can access easily too. The surrounding is silent and has a beautiful look. The rooms are comfortable and warm, but also beautifully decorated. I’m very much looking forward welcoming you and getting to know you.

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