“People lead themselves and others at their level of consciousness”

The more unconscious issues transform into constructive patterns, the better the subconscious and conscious mind will use their potential which includes leading skills too. It’s a huge difference if people lead others to compensate their ignored inner issues or if they lead from a deep inner source with clarity in subconsciousness and consciousness. Such personal developments in clarity open deeper joy and enable a greater potential for growth and sustainability.

Many leaders neglect their own personal development due to various misbeliefs like believing they are fully developed yet, it’s needless and unimportant or that personal development means being weak or worthless. Ironically, they unconsciously miss to recognize that learning and personal development never stop. It’s even beautiful that learning and personal development continue. You simply either support it or not. They also unconsciously miss to recognize they would significantly grow as a person as well as a leader.

So always take care of your important inner issues and hence your personal development.

“Dealing with dominance, power, politics and manipulation means dealing with the own subconscious issues”

People are often struggling with dominance, power, politics and manipulation. They learn more and more manipulation techniques to protect themselves and to control others who behave incorrectly in their eyes. But the more they focus on solving problems outwardly, the more they miss a balance and their healthy inner connection.

They neglect their need for looking inside. Instead, they cultivate, for example, fear, complaints, putting themselves above others or dissatisfaction with how things are. The ability to connect to what is becomes difficult. They unconsciously missed the focus on what really counts to them while being unconscious regarding their destructive patterns.

So they can actually learn precious insights about themselves by looking inside. Ignoring the own inner issues brings various kinds of unhealthy conditions and limits life quality. A truthful look inside is always irreplaceable. It’s necessary to recognize the actual needs. Moreover, personal growth blooms always significantly by taking care of the own actual needs and underlying feelings. As a result, former external issues become handled in a greater satisfying and balanced way too.

So keep the balance. Take care of looking inside to support yourself.

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„Look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakes“
– Carl G. Jung

“The compelling urge for domination and power over others is a need to look inside”

People with an irresistible urge for domination and power over others use different mechanisms to strengthen their ego. Among others, they project their inner conflicts to others to compensate and overcome them outside themselves. However, their inner conflicts won’t be overcome. They just strengthen their ego mechanisms instead and push their valuable underlying issues and feelings away.

The ability for empathy, compassion, deep inner joy and love become consequently limited. At the same time, they unconsciously neglect living life and being human while neglecting important unique parts of themselves. They actually need to look inside themselves and value their inner parts as well as their ability to feel. And there is always the opportunity to truly look inside. The better we look inside ourselves to transform unconscious and destructive mechanisms, the better we can achieve our own personal growth with inner joy.

So make the most of your potential.

Yours faithfully,
Daniel Jordan