We got various gifts inside each and everyone of us. A beautiful gift of sensitive people is their gift to sense things at a significant larger spectrum. At the same time, we all can cultivate sensitivity in our own way.

Still, high sensitivity, feeling sensitively and expressing emotions is often judged as weakness, mistake, inferiority, delusion, threat, etc. due to a misunderstanding.

In fact, it’s powerful to sense precious things that otherwise remain hidden. It’s highly supportive for personal growth to know, value and integrate the own feelings and senses instead of denying or neglecting them.

Suppressing our senses and emotions on purpose or repressing them unconsciously are defense mechanisms to avoid our inner issues. While taking care of our feelings, senses and inner issues means supporting actively self-fulfillment.

If a person can’t value the own sensitivity yet, it still remains a gift, though not recognized. The better a person takes care of sensitivity and its learnings, the better the use of inner potential.

Supporting sensitive people means supporting ourselves and society as a whole. Sensitive people can deliver powerful insights for our togetherness, as we can learn from them in general.

Developing sensitivity in all of us means to allow ourselves to grow individually and collectively. Taking care of sensitivity and introspection cultivates our togetherness and enjoyment of life significantly.

Sensitivity supports awareness which reveals what we all really need so we can take care of it even better. So eventually we can perceive our inner richness and those of others, a true empathy evolves.

So why not cultivating sensitivity in all of us to support life quality?

We can practice it by appreciating consciously what we sense, feel, hear, taste, smell, see. We can practice it by what we observe while being still, by what we recognize while silencing our mind, by making friends with what is inside of us. And we perceive so much more if we just allow ourselves to be mindful.

It’s important to understand that sensitive persons are whether more valuable than others nor less. They simply got a gift as others got theirs. In the end, it’s up to all of us to choose to value, learn and benefit from each other and our different kinds of gifts.

I value sensitive people for their brave hearts. They have often been through some pretty tough things but still open their hearts. One day, going through all that can make them realize how precious their sensitivity is. Eventually, gratitude and appreciation can evolve for their ways of life. It’s that moment when they realize the true meaning of what is within themselves and what precious things they sense which would not be possible without the whole.

A sensitive person doesn’t have to be another person, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being sensitive. The opposite is the case, the world grows with sensitivity in it. It simply can be that a sensitive person or the surrounding didn’t learn yet what sensitivity actually is and how to integrate it.

The better we cultivate sensitivity, the better we sense the beauty in our everyday life and how to connect to what is.

Yours faithfully,
Daniel Jordan

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“Sensitive People should be treasured. They love deeply and think deeply about life. They are loyal, honest and true. The simple things sometimes mean the most to them. They don’t need to change or harden. Their purity makes them who they are”
– Kristen Butler