How wonderful it is you have always the opportunity to develop yourself, at any moment, no matter who, no matter when, no matter where. We can learn from every situation, every person, every place, every point-in-time. Sometimes it’s smooth to learn, sometimes it’s tough. Sometimes we feel the learnings, sometimes we feel like it’s not going forward. Also hard times would like to teach us supportive and positive things.

No matter how we feel about a learning process or if we recognize it or not, our subconscious mind is learning all the time the way that is helpful for our inner system. And that’s just beautiful. We can simply decide to support its learning process additionally or not. For instance, the better we cultivate awareness for the present moment, the better we support our inner learning system.

So have fun with all the learnings of yours by listening to situations, persons, places and point-in-times and what they actually would like to teach us.

Yours faithfully,
Daniel Jordan

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„I am still learning“
– Michelangelo, at age 87

Trust in life

Wondering why life and the universe are the way they are is probably familiar for each of us. Maybe one is even questioning life or angry with life and the universe. We can trust in life or not. In case of not trusting, there is always the opportunity to overcome the obstacles that prevent us from trusting, since there is always an understandable explanation of the mistrust and the misunderstanding which can be overcome. We can choose to judge life or link to what is. We can deny what is or support life.

The beautiful thing is, we have all the wisdom inside ourselves to recognize our resources and actions for supporting life in general and hence supporting each of our own lives individually. And supporting our lives means establishing life quality. To cultivate this, we can always learn to listen to and feel our body and intuition – one aspect of the beauty of personal development.

Retrospectively, there will always be the dots that connect everything in life. So keep on trusting your way and your personal development so you can explore your personal dots.

Yours faithfully,
Daniel Jordan

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„The universe is under no obligation to make sense to you“
– Neil deGrasse Tyson