Animals are such impressive wonderful beings. They sense your charisma and aura and give an example of how to live in a present moment. Animals represent the beauty of trusting your intuition and instincts. They teach us love and support you healing your wounds as you can do it the other way round. And they definitely can help you to grow.

Animals can be role models, family, close friends, therapists, teachers and so on. Thanks to them, you can develop and connect to yourself and life in a special way. There are so many things you can explore and cultivate while being around them. But is each and everyone of us personally giving proper value to these amazing beings? How often do we show them how grateful we are?

It’s easy to forget or neglect them in a daily life. Stressful conditions can easily lead one to forget important things in life. The irony is, animals can be key to destress and focus on important things in life.

Furthermore, we can learn so much while being around animals. Animals are masters in being present in the here and now. We can become present and mindful around them in easier way and learn to cultivate mindfulness. Moreover, we can further things about ourselves while being around them. We can calm down and connect with our inner senses and empathy much better by the presence of animals. As a result, we get a brighter and clearer view on ourselves and so we recognize our selves better. So we consequently get to know what is going on inside ourselves much easier.

Through compassion and love for animals we get to know and develop unique parts of ourselves in so many ways which result in enhanced quality of life so beautifully. So shouldn’t it be worth it to take care of animals which also means taking care of ourselves?
Especially, since they are such wonderful beings anyways?

Lovely regards and big applause to all animals in general and those particularly who help human beings in personal development and therapy.

Yours faithfully,
Daniel Jordan

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„Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened“
– Anatole France